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Our History

The company, historically known as Manuel Páez, was founded in 1928 by Manuel Páez Montoya in the province of Almería.

In its beginnings, Manuel Páez had four wagons pulled by requas (a set of mules) thanks to which it offered its services of transporting grapes in 22kg barrels from the town of Berja in Almería to the Port of Almería. There, they would leave by ship to Great Britain and the United States, among other destinations.

This activity gave rise to new lines of business related to international trade and transport, with maritime exports of citrus fruits and grapes being the first customs activities carried out by the company to the USA, Norway and India.


Four generations
behind everything

Years later, the incorporation into the company of his son Manuel Páez Páez, coincided with the proliferation of exports, which saw in the railway another potential transport to Europe for the same products, and with it, giving rise to an exponential growth of the company with destination countries such as Great Britain and Germany.

Around the 1970s, José Manuel Páez Romero joined the company, the third generation of a company that was increasing its yields thanks to the development and boom of the so-called “sea of plastic” in Almeria.

Spain’s entry into the European Union caused a drastic reduction in the volume of business, and the consequent decrease over the years as the countries became part of the European Union and, therefore, all customs procedures were eliminated  .


Relaunching nes horizons

Currently, the fourth generation of the family, composed of José Manuel Páez Vizcaíno and Alberto Páez Vizcaíno, has joined the company, taking advantage of the opportunity that the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union has provided the company, with the aim of relaunching and expanding new horizons and lines of business for the company and, not only to continue with its tradition, but also to position it as a benchmark in service, trust and innovation in the sector.


To help companies that carry out export and import operations, in the processing of the necessary customs documentation, with the aim of avoiding any type of concern in this regard, and saving them time and money.


Our vision is to evolve the export customs clearance sector through innovation and the implementation of new technologies that add to and streamline, optimise and make customs procedures more secure.







Places in which we operate

United Kingdom

Dover, Folkstone, Newhaven, Portsmouth




Rotterdam (Maasdijk)


Calais y Perpignan

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