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registered exporter

What is the figure of the registered exporter?

Under this system, any exporter of originating products can apply to his national customs authorities to become a registered exporter by registering in the REX system, provided that he has documentary evidence of the self-certified origin of his products at any time. Thus, the registered exporter does not need to request the issuance of a certificate of origin for each export. The Registration of Exporters System (REX) in a relatively recent system of justifying the preferential origin of goods, which was first introduced in 2017.

The REX system simplifies export formalities by allowing the registered exporter to self-certify the preferential origin of the goods being exported by including a specific declaration on the invoice or any other commercial document related to the shipment. The REX system will progressively replace the current system of origin proofs based on origin certificates (EUR-1) and invoice declarations of origin made under certain conditions by economic operators (approved exporter for origin purposes or exports of a value of less than 6,000 euros).

What is the procedure to become a registered exporter?

The application to become a registered exporter is a single procedure, in which the exporter provides the competent customs office with the necessary information to be registered. Once registered and assigned the respective REX number, the registered exporter will be able to use it for all his exports under the preferential regimes where the system of origin certification applied is the REX system, so it will be valid when a new preferential trade regime applying the REX system enters into force, without the need to update the registration.
The REX registration number will be indicated on the origin declaration if the value of originating products in the consignment exceeds the value threshold mentioned above (EUR 6,000). The registration number has not period of validity and can therefore be used without limitation in time, unless it is revoked.

Below is the link that allows access to all the information relating to the application for registration in the Exporter Registration System (REX System) through the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency. It can be expressed through the following text:


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