Authorised Economic Operator

Paez Aduanas is AEO certified

As an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), at Paez Aduanas we guarantee security and transparency in all your customs processes.

We globally accredit and test compliance with all security-related measures and best practices in the international supply chain of goods.

Having Paez Aduanas in your operational and logistics chain is synonymous with agility and efficiency in all your processes and in all your controls in front of the customs authorities.

As Authorised Economic Operators, we transform the document into data in compliance with solvency and quality criteria. This certification allows us to be even tive and logistics is a synonym of more agile and direct with the customs administration, as our relationship with them becomes, in practice, a relationship of trust because there is total transparency in the information we exchange.

At Paez Aduanas we are perfectly familiar with the customs authorities' route and mode of operation.

Benefits throughout the European Union

An Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) is defined as a trusted economic operator enjoying advantages in customs matters throughout the European Union.

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